Esailama Diouf
Bissap Breeze

When dancer Esailama Diouf married drummer Tyrone Henry, the pair began to contemplate how they might build a viable business together while giving back to the artistic community. Both had traveled internationally as performers, along the way sampling teas made from hibiscus, a plant rich in antioxidants called “bissap” in West Africa. Realizing that hibiscus was not as common in the U.S. as abroad, the pair decided to create their own hibiscus beverage.

Their blend was a hit, and the mixture of Tyrone’s herbalist background and Diouf’s business acumen proved equally successful. Together they founded Bissap Breeze, LLC and began producing an artisan beverage combining brewed hibiscus flowers with blue agave nectar. The couple considers the beverage part of their cultural and vocational heritage. The beverage includes spices that have been used in family recipes for decades and 10% of their revenues are donated to secondary education and the performing arts.

Good Work Network has been helping Bissap Breeze from its inception. Good Work walked Diouf and Henry through the process of starting their business and connected them to resources like Edible Enterprises, which helped them formalize their business. Good Work remains a helpful resource as the company expands from its humble beginnings at the French Market to major retailers like Whole Foods and Robert Fresh Market. Look out for five new flavors of Bissap Breeze coming soon to regional stores and