In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, husband and wife entrepreneurs Angelica Rivera and Roman Lopez moved to New Orleans to assist in the city’s rebuilding process. The couple’s extensive experience in all phases of construction prompted them to found Colmex Construction LLC, in June 2008 to provide high-quality and energy-efficient affordable housing for low- to moderate- income individuals.

Angelica Rivera, co-owner of Colmex Construction

Good Work Network has worked one-on-one with Rivera and Lopez from the start to help them improve their marketing and financial management skills. The couple was able to secure business funding to grow their business, including a microloan through Kiva New Orleans. By receiving a Kiva loan, Rivera has been able to market her business through an international online platform and gain additional contacts in the community.

“With Good Work Network’s Assistance, we were able to get the word out about our business and get the right connections. That’s how we made it,” Rivera says.

Rivera is engaged in all phases of Colmex Construction’s projects, and, due to Good Work Network’s assistance, is able to merge her financial skills with an extensive knowledge of the construction industry. As Colmex further expands, Good Work Network continues to counsel Rivera and Lopez and is instrumental in creating business opportunities by connecting them to larger contractors through Good Work Network’s ConnectWorks program.

Strongly committed to creating economic opportunity, Rivera and Lopez have created 36 jobs for people in their community in the past three years. Their devotion to helping others is evident through their actions—including a case where the couple trained a homeless individual and later helped him move into his own apartment.

Rivera was recently chosen to receive funding from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative, allowing Colmex Construction to improve its cash flow and learn more ways to pursue capital effectively. Good Work Network is proud to be affiliated with such dynamic and dedicated individuals as Rivera and Lopez.