Born and raised on the island of Dominica, Benardett Jno-Finn grew up surrounded by lush vegetation and a rich culture of natural remedies. Benardett grew a variety of herbs and spices in her family garden and made a hobby of preparing herbal remedies. By the time she graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in biochemistry, Benardett had an extensive knowledge of natural beauty and health products. So after a long and costly struggle with dermatitis and eczema, she took matters into her own hands and began formulating natural remedies to combat her skin ailments. When Benardett realized that others struggled with the same problems, she founded Sénica Naturals to share her products with others.

“Good Work Network helped me appreciate the need for a full business plan” says Jno-Finn, who today has a thriving business.

When Benardett  first began selling her products, she would sell to any vendor that would take them. Knowing she needed a better strategy to market her product, Benardett approached Good Work Network. Good Work Network helped her improve her product presentation, understand trademark requirements, and formalize a comprehensive business plan.

Today, Sénica Naturals is a thriving business, being featured at a variety of health and beauty shows as well as on local television. Benardett has become an avid blogger who regularly shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship and her Dominican heritage. Sharing her products and blog with the world, Benardett achieving her mission of helping women expose their natural, beautiful selves.