“Good Work Network is a place where one can come to bounce ideas off of another person,” says Julie Singleton. “Adele is full of ideas, and Phyllis is a friend who is nurturing with genuine concern.”

Good Work Network member Julie Singleton, owner of Breath is Life Spa

Good Work Network member Julie Singleton, owner of Breath is Life Spa

Also known as Menhati, a name which means, “She who masters the breath in the grips of emotions and time,” Singleton practices the ancient art of healing through massage therapy. She is also certified in Thai yoga, healing touch and reflexology instruction.

“Healing is this,” she demonstrates with a soft and gentle stroke of her hand. “Touch.”

The idea of a holistic lifestyle has become a major trend in the United States over the last decade and is gaining wide acceptance among western doctors, hospital and insurance companies. Traditionally, the western philosophy focused on symptoms, where as the ancient addressed root causes stemming from spiritual and metaphysical levels. Understanding the Chakras, the seven spiritual centers of the body, is a key to it.

“As more people are making a conscious connection between mind, body and spirit, they are asking medical professionals more intelligent and informed questions,” she explains. “They are living in stress, which can lead to sudden death and terminal illnesses. Because of this, they are eating properly and exercising.”Make-a-Gift-button

Given the overwhelming situation in New Orleans post-Katrina, Singleton’s services are timelier than ever. “I observe clients are more depressed, more easily disappointed, and more vulnerable to everyday life. Everything’s urgent. I find clients are calling more often,” she confides. “It is important for people to be more conscious of relaxing, and taking time to breathe and relax.”

While her relationship with the Good Work Network extends long before the storm, she drops in regularly to attend seminars, to visit with the staff and to get financial advice.
Good Work Network recently supplied Singleton with a grant to purchase a handicap device attachable to desks to service disabled wheelchair-bound patients. The equipment is allowing her to expand her client base.


Julie’s Business:
The Breath Is Life Spa
4300 Dumaine St., Suite B
New Orleans, LA 7011
Phone: (504) 430-1565
Email: thebreathislifespa@yahoo.com
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBreathIsLifeSpa
Years In Business: 6 Years