mirianMirian Rodriguez is from Santa Barbara, Honduras. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18. She and her sisters first opened a shoe store in Tegucigalpa, then a little general store, and then a small restaurant in a public market with eight tables. Soon after opening, Hurricane Mitch swept through Honduras leaving only devastation in its wake. The hurricane was one of the worst Honduras had suffered and everything was reduced to rubble, including Mirian’s restaurant.

“Hurricane Mitch came and took everything away. There was a lot of landslides and a lot of flooding. My restaurant, it was nothing, just a slab with mud up to your knees. Only the fryer was left.” Mirian reopened the restaurant saying “I had to make a living for my children.” She continues to show her determination by opening her first New Orleans restaurant at Roux Carre’.

Serving delicious pupusas and ceviche’ daily, The Papusa Lady should be your first stop for lunch or dinner. You made this entrepreneurs dream possible through your generous support.