yep-windowThe Juice Box – YEP

You helped support the spirit of entrepreneurship. The Juice Box is the latest endeavor of the Youth Empowerment Project’s (YEP) Trafigura Work & Learn Center (W & L Center).  The W & L Center is a youth employment program focused on helping young people, aged 16-24, obtain  both hard and soft skills aimed at helping them not only acquire but keep jobs, while earning an educational stipend.  The skill sets taught at the W & L Center include customer service, bicycle repair, digital design and computer coding.   The W & L Center’s Juice Box in the Roux Carré provides W & L Center’s youth the opportunity to learn both food service and hospitality skills.

As a vendor of the Roux Carré, a Good Work Network accelerator for emerging food-preneurs and a showcase for up-and-coming performing and visual artists, the Juice Box brings delicious, refreshing and unique beverages such as Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea infused with fresh ginger and cinnamon) and freshly squeezed citrus juices, lightly sweetened with natural cane syrup. The Juice Box also offers a variety of tropical inspired, naturally flavored snowballs, such as mango, piña colada all served up by our friendly YEP staff.  Place your order online, for pickup, at